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            The Bulldog Angel Network

                               Investing In The Global Mississippi State University Entrepreneurial Communit

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You Can Learn About Angel Investing

If you are new to angel investing, the Bulldog Angel Network is a great way to learn.  Our links to angel educational material, forums to discuss angel investing with other members, deal pitches with other members asking questions and interactions with other angel investors provides an opportunity to quickly learn this type of investing process in pursuit of return on investment.

Angel Capital Association Membership

You will become a member of the Angel Capital Association and have access to all of their educational materials on Angel Investing.

You Get Access To Deal Flow

Diversity of investments is a large factor in successful angel investing.  The Bulldog Angel Network attempts to bring at least 4 deals per year to the network with a goal of providing access to many more than that.  

You Help The Mississippi State Community

By providing angel investments to the Mississippi State community, you are providing a badly needed source of capital to early stage companies that are part of our Mississippi State community.  This will help encourage student, faculty and alumni entrepreneurs to start companies and dream big.

You Get Access To Other Members

While using the Bulldog Angel Network to sell to members is prohibited, using the site to meet fellow Bulldogs is encouraged.  You can use email to coordinate phone calls or meetings with members and set up local events for members in your area.

You Get Opinions From Others On An Investment

You can discuss a pending investment deal with other members on the forum, see opinions from the ad-hoc due diligence committee and ask for comments to questions you may have using the forum.

You Get Due Diligence Information Delivered to You

An ad-hoc Due Diligence Committee will be formed per deal to collect due diligence information.  This information will be delivered to your documents library on this website for you to review.  You can also join a Due Diligence Committee if you would like to participate more deeply in due diligence on a deal.

You Get Opportunities To Become A Mentor

If you want to become a mentor, there will be plenty of opportunities to do so.  It takes about 4-8 hours a month of your time and the benefits you provide to others can be invaluable to them.  If you would like to mentor, please indicate so on your member profile and we will look for opportunities to plug you in.

You Can Serve On An Advisory Board

Many of the companies we invest in will be forming advisory boards to help provide broad guidance.  If you are interested in serving on an advisory board, please indicate this on your member profile and also contact us using the Contact Us menu on the website.

You Decide How Much Time You Want To Spend

The Bulldog Angel Network has a professional manager in place to manage the processes, communications, documents, deal sourcing and all aspects of the network to allow you to spend as little time or as much time on angel investing as you would like.
There are always numerous opportunities for you to volunteer, but that is always up to you.

You Get A Website To Make This Easier For You

The website you are currently using is a great benefit to you.  It is a centralized resource for documents, communication with members or staff, forums to discuss deals, event calendar, keep track of news and find links to other items of interest to angel investors. 

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